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Automatic Numbering Machine Reiner B6

Automatic Numbering Machine Reiner B6
Automatic Numbering Machine Reiner B6

The numbering stamp model B6 is a staple in any office. This robust pagination stamp automatically counts and stamps a sequential number onto receipts and documents with alloy stamp wheels available in a variety of fonts. The housing is also manufactured in the highest zinc die-cast quality. Since all parts of the numbering stamp model B6 from REINER® are produced and assembled in Germany, users receive a hand stamp that is characterized by quality, value and durability "Made in Germany".

Special features

  • for standard office applications
  • fast, reliable
  • exact positioning of imprint due to line indicator at base plate
  • integrated self-inking machanism with Ink-Cartridge (Colorbox Size 2)

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  • Model: B6
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