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Automatic pencil Flexfit Flexfit PW25

Automatic pencil Flexfit Flexfit PW25
Automatic pencil Flexfit Flexfit PW25

Dual-action retractor advances and retracts pencil tip with unique mechanism

Click top to advance tip; click pocket clip to retract

Ultra-soft latex-free grip yields to fingertips for superior writing comfort

Subtle grid-like pattern provides a no-slip grip for greater control

Exclusive Lead Maximizer™ technology resultsin more use per lead piece, fewer jams and less lead breakage

0.5mm tip produces crisp, fine lines of consistent density

Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead is equivalent to a #2 pencil, guaranteed to scan, resists breaking and never needs sharpening

Refillable with Super Hi-Polymer® Lead and Z2-1 refill eraser

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