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Frequently Asked Questions offers you several ways to search for the products you are interested in:

In the "Categories" menu you will find a list of all product categories and subcategories in the store, and in parentheses you will see the number of products included.

When opening each subcategory you have the opportunity to sort the products by name, price, as well as to filter by Manufacturer.

For a quick search, use the site search engine (top right) by typing the name of the product you are looking for and pressing Enter.

In order to place an order in, it is necessary either to have a registration on the site and to have logged in with your username and password, or to enter your data for the specific order once.

Select the product you want and click the "Add to cart" button.

If you want to include other products in your order, you can continue to search and add them in the same way.

At any time you can view your cart, change the quantity of selected products, remove or add a product, and see the amount to be paid.

When you are done with your choice, click the "order" button and go to the choice of delivery and payment method.

Deliveries are made by courier company Speedy or Econt

              for the country - the delivery time is up to 5 working days;

               for Sofia - delivery time is up to 3 working days. offers you a phone number to contact the company's service - +359888518074, where you can get a competent solution to your problem.

The service is at your disposal every weekday from 9:30 to 18:30. It is good that in case of a problem with the machines, they are not opened by the customer, especially when they are still under warranty.

We recommend that you lubricate your document shredder at least once every 3 full bins, and it is good to lubricate before the bin is discarded, so that the excess bit can be disposed of together with the paper scraps.

Deciding whether your shredder will cut your documents into pieces or strips depends on the amount of documents you need to cut, the time you have to do so, and the level of secrecy you seek.

The advantage of strip cutting machines is that they have a larger capacity (number of sheets destroyed at one time). With them you will destroy documents faster, as they are not as sensitive to staples and staples, as well as to the requirement for periodic lubrication of the knives.

On the other hand, shredding machines guarantee a high level of secrecy during destruction. It is equally important when operating the machines of both types not to allow the basket to overflow!

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