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Guillotine DAHLE 868

Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868
Guillotine DAHLE 868

Easy-to-use guillotine with package for added user convenience

  • Non-slip and robust: ideal guillotine for professional use – with package for added user convenience
  • Sturdy solid metal table with rounded edges and non-slip rubber feet for firm standing
  • Handy recessed grips for safe and easy transport
  • Format lines on the table to help align materials, with handy mm scale along the cutting edge
  • Work comfortably thanks to the ergonomic handle optimised for power transmission from above
  • Upper blade made of ground and hardened Solingen steel bolted to the solid steel blade holder – resharpenable
  • Bolted, ground and hardened lower blade made of Solingen steel
  • Resharpenable blades made of high-quality Solingen steel
  • Sturdy, solid-steel blade holder for optimum guidance of the screw-mounted upper blade
  • Unique Dahle automatic safety guard for a clear view of the cutting edge
  • Automatic, de-selectable clamping for added convenience cutting pressure-sensitive materials
  • Two scale bars with mm scale for an exact 90° cut
  • Adjustable magnetic backstop for fast format finding, can be used on both scale bars and the front base
  • Narrow guide channels in the table prevent individual sheets from slipping through
  • Front table with magnetic connector for more working space
  • Precision narrow-strip cutting device for cutting extremely thin strips
  • Precision laser beam line indicator for professional cutting results
Cutting length460 mm
FormatDIN A3
Cutting capacity3.5 mm
Cutting capacity A4 80 g/sm*35 sheets
Material to be cutPaper
DAHLE automatic safety guardyes
Area of applicationBusinesses, schools, workshops and offices
* The indicated sheet capacity for cutting machines is due to standard paper weight of 80 gsm but is still subject to texture, quality and state of paper. All of such information is based on the general formula 10 sheets = 1 mm stack height and may only be used as an aid to orientation for the selection of the cutting machine.

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  • Model: 868
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