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Copy paper CLAIRALFA Clairefontaine, 5 packs

Copy paper CLAIRALFA Clairefontaine, 5 packs
Copy paper CLAIRALFA Clairefontaine, 5 packs

Clairalfa paper is distinguished by silky softness. Extremely white and opaque sheets - 170 CIE. Ideal for black and color laser and inkjet printing CLAIRALFA paper is ideal: for printing, copying documents containing more text than photos, for inkjet printers: better color, density, better lines, no smudges , for laser printers: brightness when reflecting colors when printing. CLAIRALFA paper guarantees: aesthetic perfection: maximum degree of whiteness and opacity, exceptional satin effect, rigidity of the structure formation and durability. Technical advantage: guarantee that it is used perfectly on copiers, black and color printers, inkjet printers.

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  • Model: 1979C
  • Weight: 12.50kg
  • Dimensions: 22.00cm x 31.00cm x 27.00cm
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