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Stamp pad and marking inks

Brand: Noris Model: 191
Fast drying speciality ink suitable for printing on plain, glossy or chrome paper.Quantity: 25 ml..
Ex Tax:4.20лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: R 348
Reiner Ink 45ml..
Ex Tax:15.30лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: R 343
Reiner Ink 5ml..
Ex Tax:4.20лв.
Brand: Noris Model: 210
Intense stamp pad ink with oil. Its chemical properties allow it to penetrate deeply into the paper, making it almost indelible. Quantity: 25 ml..
Ex Tax:4.80лв.
Brand: Noris Model: 110-S
For basic inking or refreshing of office stamp pads or automatic stamps. The ink is chemically compatible with the inks of Trodat, Colop, Alpo, Dormy, JustRite, M&R, Artline and NORIS. Quantity: 25 ml..
Ex Tax:2.00лв.
Brand: Noris Model: 110-UV
Dry Time: • Skin - 10 sec • Uncoated Paper - 30 sec Surfaces: Paper, Skin Description: #110UV ink is available in Invisible and Visible colors. • Invisible Endorsing Ink is invisible under normal light but shines bluish or greenish under UV-light (370nm). • Vi..
Ex Tax:4.02лв.
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