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Registry and desk file

Brand: Weller Model: 91
WÄLLER movable carousels are designed for cases where permanent references are made to archival documents. They can be used by more than one employee at a time. A set of 3 shelves, located next to the desk of the seated employee, gives access to a maximum of 1500 folders. The single shelf m..
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Brand: Weller Model: 630000
Possibility to vary the shelves of 1, 3 or 6 shelves for A4 documents. Color: possibility for different colors of veneer (eg walnut, light oak, etc.)..
Ex Tax:9,800.00лв.
Brand: Weller Model: 620915
Possibility of varying the shelves from 1, 3 or 6 shelves for A4 documents. Sliding doors Color: all RAL colors..
Ex Tax:9,100.00лв.
Brand: Weller Model: 540501
The WÄLLER desk file can be placed anywhere, for example on the file cart or on the desk...
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Brand: Weller Model: 18
WÄLLER rails can be purchased separately. They can also be made suitable for any other suitable cabinet. No special cabinets are required. Models with sliding shelves can also be equipped with WÄLLER rails...
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