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Brand: Reiner Model: B6
The numbering stamp model B6 is a staple in any office. This robust pagination stamp automatically counts and stamps a sequential number onto receipts and documents with alloy stamp wheels available in a variety of fonts. The housing is also manufactured in the highest zinc die-cast quality. Sinc..
Ex Tax:155.25лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: 200182
Color pad for B6 and B6K..
Ex Tax:12.60лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: 10542
Color pad for C1..
Ex Tax:14.04лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: D28
The handy date stamp model D28b combines date with text options in a compact design. The brass text plate can bear multiline custom engravings. All components of the date stamp are "Made in Germany" - are thus completely produced and assembled in Germany. Wheels and housing are made of die-cast z..
Ex Tax:183.00лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: 200090
Non inked pad for B6 and B6K ..
Ex Tax:11.64лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: 10120
Non inked pad for C1..
Ex Tax:11.64лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: R 348
Reiner Ink 45ml..
Ex Tax:15.30лв.
Brand: Reiner Model: R 343
Reiner Ink 5ml..
Ex Tax:4.20лв.
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